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Old Faithful: How Email Marketing Remains Relevant


Rhyse Crompton


December 8, 2017

Did you know that email marketing remains one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing? This is surprising, because email can be considered a little archaic in digital circles. However, business owners, staff members, and organisations’ decision-makers use emailing for important processes with regards to sales, project management, internal communication and customer relationship management.

Email marketing’s power lies in its ability to adapt. Information can be rapidly transferred over a network of contacts with everything from informal communiques, to sales content and links to websites or social media platforms.

Should I Be Investing In Email Marketing For My Business?

Yes, a hundred-thousand times yes! Email marketing allows the business owner to not only increase brand awareness, but also encourage brand loyalty among clients. As a small business owner, it is important to keep your handful of clients approving of your brand. There are a few ways in which email marketing can be used to put a smile on a client’s dial:

  • Emails can be traced and, in conjunction with a relatively simple CRM platform, you can see which emails resulted in a sale.
  • You can inform clients of specials, promotions or industry information when you want and how you want.
  • Email marketing is cheap. In fact, you can possibly start an email campaign for free if you do a bit of research.
  • Email marketing also allows you to kill certain leads. This means recipients of unopened mail or failed deliveries can be excluded from your sales funnel.

Can I Manage My Own Email Marketing Campaign?

Yes. You don’t have to be a marketer, nor do you have to hire a marketing agency in order to run a successful campaign. Email addresses gathered through your sales cycle, or through catchment via online tools, can be stored on an email service suite. At this point, communicating information that your clients will find valuable is a simple way of running a successful campaign.

 So what kind of emails should you be sending to your clients?

  • Have you thought about communicating a list of your services and products? Maybe include a few prices, and reasons why your product or service remains better than your competitors.
  • Customer relationship management should use emails as a primary way of communicating processes during and after a sale. This can include sending a client a form that needs submitting, or an invoice or receipt.
  • Are you running a special or a promotion on a particular product or service? Let your customers know by delivering a branded email.
  • Newsletters are still an important method of providing your clients with the ‘inside-scoop’ regarding the industry. Example: as a catering business, maybe your customers appreciate knowing what the top restaurants are in South Africa. This kind of information establishes your brand as an industry leader, and inspires loyalty to your brand.

I Really Don’t Have The Time Nor Manpower For This!

Not to worry. There are plenty of marketing agencies that specialise in email marketing for really affordable prices. If yours is a startup or small/medium sized business then use a small digital marketing firm that can really afford to put in the attention that your brand deserves.

By outsourcing this work to your friendly digital marketing agency you can be assured that all the fiddly requirements are looked after. An agency will always make sure that your mailing list is kept up to date.

A really good agency will make sure that you receive all the necessary reporting regarding the success of a campaign, or communicate issues that need attention. An agency will be as concerned as you that they communicate the correct information to your clients, so they will ask you to provide a quick and informative brief before branding, designing and sending out a particular email.

So… When Do We Start?

You have little time to lose! Make sure that you sign up with a software-as-a-service today. Take a look at brands like MailChimp and Benchmark when looking for fun, carefully-branded mails. Alternatively, if you’re looking for that corporate B2B touch, why not try PinPointe.

Or, get in touch with that small digital marketing startup. We guarantee that they can provide an email marketing campaign for you that is as great as (if not better than) that of a larger branding agency.


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